The Most Unexpected Foodie Destinations by Continent

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One of the most worthwhile reasons to be a human person is to sample the incredible variety of food that’s been created by imaginative cooks the world over. Practically everywhere you could travel, there are at least one or two restaurants serving dishes unlike anywhere else in the world. Sure, we’d love to have the free time and budget to travel the globe in search of the world’s best ethnic cuisine, but most of us have jobs. Food-oriented travelers on a budget aren’t out of luck, though. According to National Geographic, those who want to make the most of their vacation time can hit one of the following six cities to find some of the world’s most innovative, creative, and delicious food: Budapest, Yerevan, Santiago, Dakar, Wellington, and Detroit. Yes, that Detroit. Read on for hints on some of the best restaurants to eat at when you’re in one of these six international cities.

Budapest, Hungary – EUROPE

1. The Seventh District — Budapest

If you’re visiting Budapest and you’re not entirely sure what your stomach is set for, head to the Seventh District. Colloquially known as the Jewish Quarter, Budapest’s Seventh District is filled with cutting edge bars and clubs. Something here is sure to strike your fancy.


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