The U.S. Might Get a Dark Sky Reserve

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The United States might get its first ever dark sky reserve for stargazing. Due to pollution many areas of the country aren’t great for viewing the stars, but the International Dark-Sky Association wants to focus on the areas that are.

Utah happens to be a state where the stargazing is great, and the association wants to designate certain areas of the state to make sure that it remains that way. Creating a dark sky reserve would allow for unobstructed views of the sky.

John Barentine, the program manager of the International Dark-Sky Association spoke out about the concept.

“We know the night sky has inspired people for many thousands of years. When they are in a space where they can see it, it’s often a very profound experience.”

They’re currently in talks with both Ketchum and Sun Valley to find the perfect spot to make this a reality.

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