There’s a Restaurant that Only Serves Airport Food

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It’s hard to say if anyone is really a fan of traditional airplane food, but there might be a few converts after visiting a pop-up restaurant in London called This is How We Fly.

The pop-up is a promotional stunt to show off the new menu for Air New Zealand. The airline put in a lot of research before launching their new menu, and they found that almost half of the people surveyed felt they would like airplane food more if they new it was made with fresher ingredients.

Chef Peter Gordon took this into account when he designed the menu, which includes dishes like “lamb with minted peas, braised lettuce with bacon lardons and salt roasted crushed new potatoes with mint jelly,” a “yoghurt marinated chicken tikka with saffron pilaf jewelled rice and aloo ghobi with spicy raita dressing,” and seaweed tofu salads.

The airline posted a statement about the restaurant on their website.

“This Is How We Fly is an immersive experience spread over two floors. Once checked in and on-board, passengers will be taken on a journey, a chance to experience Air New Zealand without ever leaving the ground.”

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