This ‘Sleep Bus’ Makes L.A. to S.F. Travel Much Easier

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Cabin is described as an “overnight travel experience” or a “hotel on wheels.” While technically a bus, the transportation option offers pod beds and comfortable bedding so that guests can climb in and sleep their way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The concept first launched as SleepBus, and the demand was so high that they ended up expanding to nightly services. At $115 each way the bus isn’t a bargain, in fact it can actually be higher than flying. But for someone who doesn’t want to waste any daylight making the trip it can be a viable option.

One of the co-founders Tom Currier explained the draw of the concept.

“The magic of Cabin is people actually sleeping. If someone gets on Cabin 10 minutes before departure, gets in their cabin, has a tea and then falls asleep, and then when they wake up they’re in Los Angeles, their experience of travel time is less than that of a flight. Because the amount of time you’re actually conscious during the experience is like less than the amount of time you spend in the security line at LAX.”

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