Three Hikers Die On Mount Everest

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The dangers of Mount Everest never seem to be much of a deterrent since people continue to climb the mountain. On Sunday three different people were reported dead after attempting the trip.

Dr. Roland Yearwood from Alabama was close to the summit on the Nepal side when he passed away. The exact details about his death are not yet known. A spokesperson from the company that sponsored Dr. Yearwood’s climb shared the news.

“We have confirmation of his death but no other details are known. It is also unclear if he was on his way up or down from the summit.”

A Slovak mountaineer named Vladimir Strba also died on Sunday, as did Australian climber Francesco Enrico Marchetti.

A guide named Tendi Sherpa spoke out about the current conditions.

“The weather has been pretty bad, especially with high winds, but there were some little keyholes which climbers have been lucky to take advantage of. Several teams got lucky but there are also many climbers who had to turn around half way to the summit due to high winds.”

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