Tips For Getting through Security Faster

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Many people are gearing up to travel once again for the holidays, which means that the airport wait times can increase as well. Here are some tips for getting through security as quickly as possible.

Get TSA PreCheck

TSA’s PreCheck is available at over 160 airports, and it allows fliers to skip over security things like removing their shoes and laptops.

Get CLEAR Expedited Security

Another option that is available in some places in the CLEAR expedited security program. This service actually uses fingerprints and iris scanning to identify people and speed up the screening process. Currently, it is available at 13 airports in the U.S.

Prep Accordingly

Security will always go more smoothly if you’re dressed properly. That means shoes that are easy to remove and minimal layers if possible. Avoid bringing anything in your carry on that you’ll have to remember to remove such as full water bottles.

Check the Wait Times

You can’t always skip the lines but it does help to know what to expect ahead of time. There are apps available like GateGuru or MiFlight which will give you accurate real-time wait times so you know how early to leave for the airport.

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