‘Transformational Travel’ Will Trend in 2017

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According to experts speaking at the Magrino Travel Summit, in 2017 we will see an increase in people who are traveling for transformational reasons. As in, trips that will change people’s lives.

Millennials are at the forefront of this trend, and have been spending more money and travel and changing the way that it’s been done.

Jack Ezon, the president of Ovation Vacations said that “there is almost a flight from brands because they are the same everywhere. Brands will have to embrace this change and create differences among their locations.

“This is the first generation that is really willing to pay for agent services and would even pay $10,000 a year for a travel advisory subscription if they thought it would provide value.”

He went on to say that the brands that are cashing in on the millennial travel habits are the ones who are best utilizing the social media.

“The brands that are winning are creating campaigns that customers can ‘Instabrag’ about (use Instagram to record their experiences.)”

But added that print advertising isn’t going anywhere either.

“As digital becomes more of an overload situation, consumers will retreat back to print just as they have reverted back to humans to plan travel.”

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