Travel Cards: the Benefits, Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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If you’re not using a credit card that’s helping you get points toward airfare, deals on hotels, or the occasional rental car, then you’re missing out. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to be using a travel credit card.

1. The Sign-Up Bonus

If you’ve already got some existing credit behind your name, you might be looking at a nice signing bonus just for picking a travel credit card. These bonuses can deliver anything from a free night at a hotel or even a free flight to some exotic location.

2. Get There Faster With Category Specific Spending

Credit cards that specialize in helping travelers tend to provide an incentive that offers a point system wherein 1 dollar equals 1 point. For a travel-oriented credit card, however, you can get double or even triple the points when you spend your money on travel expenses like eating out or buying a plane ticket.

3. Foregoing Foreign Transaction Fees

One of the most unsuspecting expenses can be service fees applied to your account purely because you’re spending money overseas (curren. Your debit card, for example, will be basically useless. However, with some travel credit cards, the foreign transaction fees are waived so that you can spend exactly the amount you’re seeing on your check without getting hit later on with surprise expenses.

4. Go Airline Specific

If you find yourself traveling on one particular airline repeatedly, then there’s probably a credit card that’s designed to help you build up a ton of points on that specific airline just by buying a lot of random stuff. Because credit cards are increasingly brand-specific, it’s a good idea to determine where you should spend your money to make the most of your new credit card.

5. Travel Credit Cards Are Safer than Cash

If you get robbed or you lose your wallet and that wallet is crammed with foreign currency, you’re basically just out of luck. When you’re dealing with a travel credit card, one quick call is all you need to make to make it right.

6. It’s Better than a Cash Back Card

Some people might recommend you get a cash back card instead of a credit card with travel reward points. But, if you’re the kind of person who’s spending a ton on travel expenses, then you’re best bet is to stick with a travel credit card, since most provide a much better redemption value for the points you accrue. In other words: Buy using your travel credit card, you actually get discounts on travel expenses.

7. An Incentive to Improve Your Credit Rating

The more you use (and regularly pay off) your travel credit card, the better your credit rating will be. So the best way to insure that you’re not only racking up benefits but improving your overall credit score is to simply use the thing!

8. The Beauty of the Grace Period

Another reason to go with a travel credit card is simply that you can use the thing to get out of town. Today. And — best of all — you don’t need to worry about paying the bill for a little while yet. Normally, that bad decision would cost you tons of money if you put it on credit. With a travel credit card, however, it’s marginally less expensive because of the deals you can take advantage of, and when you head back home, you’ll be that much closer to another trip, on the house.

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