Date night at home ideas

Date night at home ideas

These home date ideas are a fun and inexpensive way to get creative with our date night ideas. They work like charms to break the monotony, rekindle romance, and form strong bonds between couples.

Dating – the term seems so trite and ‘cliche’. However, it is one of the building blocks in a relationship. Time and time again, this concept is proven to strengthen the bond between couples. As a result, it makes for a much more enjoyable and romantic trip, adding a lot of communication and a sense of commitment between the couple.

1. Magical Backyard

Do you have a backyard? Great! Go ahead and turn it into a spellbinding and enthralling place to enjoy with your partner. Customize the ambiance to both your likings with some decorations like fairy lights, colorful throw pillows, etc. There are numerous ways you can plan your backyard romantic dates, here are some recommendations:

  • You can still stir up a romantic enjoyable picnic with your quarantine main at home with some favorite evening snacks and drinks and light up the mood. It is a very relaxed, fun and cheap stay at home date idea!
  • If you both enjoy being creative, become Picasso for the day! It is a fun engaging date idea. Paint a beautiful landscape that you would like to see once the lockdown is over, or maybe a funny caricature of the two of you from a special moment. Nevertheless, don’t forget the glass of Wine!
  • Turn your backyard into your Private Theatre – snuggle up under a blanket with your better half while binge-watching a series or a movie that you both enjoy. Grab a tub of popcorn along with your favorite drink. It could be cola, a cup of hot chocolate (just because chocolate is a great aphrodisiac), or a cocktail if you please.
  • Stargazing – There is something very romantic looking up at the stars with your partner by the side. You can use your balcony, rooftop, courtyard, etc. with a comfortable seating/ lying down arrangement and gaze into the sparkling sky. Ankur and I love connecting the stars and drawing out shapes using our imagination.

2. Cozy Indoor Camping Nights

Dates need not be extravagant or expensive, even the smallest of the gestures do wonders! Missing the outdoors and feel like camping? You can set one right at home. It is a great fun and cheap quarantine date idea.

Here are some suggestions to set it up:

  • Build a DIY tent – use your blankets, fairy lights, lots of cushions, and cozy up!!
  • You can play a background tune of crickets to get a real camping feel.
  • Make some S’mores and set up a fake fireplace to add drama to the setup.
  • Share some whacky ghost stories if you both enjoy the scary genre.
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3. Stay Fit

A good workout with our partners feels so satisfying. It connects two souls perfectly. There are few ways to make this possible while staying at home:

  • Couples yoga for the ones who enjoy the calmness and flexibility.
  • Aerobic for the more energetic pumped workout.
  • If you haven’t already, get some weights and bars (or simply a mat and resistance bands) at home – then pretend this workout space is a gym!!

This would be a ‘SWEAT’ worthy date – growing stronger, staying healthier, and slaying it together! This is an absolute fun stay at home date idea, especially for the fitness enthusiasts!

4. SPA o’clock

A spa day at home with someone you love is one of the most relaxing date ideas. How amazing is it to just rejuvenate while pampering each other…sounds perfect isn’t it? Setting up a spa at home is fairly cheap. Here is how you can prepare for tranquility:

  • Dress the part and create a calming environment by using scented candles and relaxing music.
  • A romantic warm bubble bath using bath bombs, salts, or scents along with a glass of your favorite wine.
  • Massage to help relax the muscles. You can use oil or creams and communicate with each other about the preferences – hands, back, neck, feet, etc..
  • Foot or hand soaks are very calming as well.
  • Apply masks, these could be store-bought or DIYs or try the at-home remedies – a simple slice of cucumber for the eyes feels marvelous.

5. ‘Staycation’ Mood

Dreaming of staying in a fancy luxurious hotel? Converting your bedroom for the night into an ultra opulent hotel room is a very romantic and cheap stay at home date night idea.

Some of the ways you could turn it up into a classy upscale room is by:

  • Make the bed fluffy and change the sheets, just the way you would like it.
  • Use scented candles, dim the lights and put on some soft music.
  • A bottle of cold champagne, some strawberries with chocolate, or anything else you prefer.

This will help curb the staycation urge while turning it into a perfect and fun date idea.


6. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to wake up to a feast is nothing short of a treat! Thus, what better way to start the day on a romantic note with some delicious pancakes or sandwiches or eggs (sunny side up), or any other alternative that your partner enjoys – with a special dash of ‘YOU’.


I enjoy bedizen and garnishing food solely because a well-presented food makes it more appealing and way more appetizing.

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And, I love creating emojis or cute things that make eateries even more visually delightful. For instance, a cute smiley face (made with slices of carrots, cucumber, or just tomato ketchup) on a simple sandwich to bring a more personal touch to the meal. Trust me your partner will relish it even more.

7. Bring out the Madonna in both of you

Sing your lungs out to melodious tunes while pretending to be rockstars! It may sound frivolous but is totally enjoyable.

You can get these cheap wireless karaoke mics or karaoke machines and sing to all your favorite songs! Theme them if you prefer or shuffle it up. It’s an interesting, cheap stay at home date idea!

8. Themed Gourmet

The Classic Date Night! – As stereotypical as it may sound, nothing compares to a romantic dinner with your main. Here is what Ankur and I really enjoy:

Candle night dinner: Turn your evening at home into a fine dining romantic experience. Dress up in your chic fancy wear, stir up an amazing dinner for two, light up some candles and play some soft music to set the ambience.

Themed dinner dates: It is a pity that the current scenario (with the COVID19) we are in, doesn’t permit us to go out and dine-in. BUT, we can still make the most of it. Chalk out the different cuisines (from all around the world) that both of you enjoy and then gear up for some amazing food and drinks.

  • Mamma Mia!! Got to love the Fettuccine Alfredo-the delicious Italian pasta so smooth, garlicky and creamy. This goes well with the famous cocktail ‘Aperol Spritz’.
  • In the mood for some light healthy yet yummy option, try the ‘Horiatiki’. It is a famous greek salad really easy and a really tasty meal. It pairs well with a traditional OUZO Lemonade.
  • In the mood for some pizza? Add a Turkish twist to it- the Lahmacun is a famous Turkish pizza. The famous Raki cocktail makes for a fine drink.

The list goes on!!! Pick a country, dress the part, cook a special dish, and a nice drink to gel with it. Date nights are so much more interesting this way! And remember – the recipe for a good relationship is good food!

9. Game Night

Playing games is a good way to give your relationship the needed boost. They help you bond without any external distractions. They also make for a fun date night. There is a wide range of games that you can enjoy while staying indoors.

Some of the most common ones include: Scrabble, Puzzles, Pictionary, Trivia night, Playing cards, Guess the Movie, Twister, Never have I Ever, etc.

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Want to be a little more creative? try customizing the games: like ‘Couple-o-poly‘ instead of the usual Monopoly or ‘Couple Jenga’ that have truth or dare questions written on the blocks! Play with your imagination and stir up some fun exciting games.

Not to forget Video games, this one your man will definitely enjoy and you might end up liking it as well.

10. Dance to the Rhythm of Love

Dancing is a a very intimate and enthralling way of being with your partner. Dates that include dancing are so much more enjoyable and an amazing way to learn something new together as a couple.

Put on your dancing shoes…because dance isn’t just dance, it is a MAGICAL way to get to know your partner in a completely different space.

Dance is the hidden language of the Soul.


Personally I am too shy to dance but here I am twirling round and round in circles in Ankur’s arms. Dancing is a great endorphin booster which is always wondrous for a relationship.

We love learning new forms of dance – be it Bollywood dancing, moving to the beats 1,2,3 tcha tcha tcha, or a sizzling salsa dance form. Sometimes tango-ing with each other and a few times just waltzing around the house swaying in each others’ arms.


11. Treasure Hunt

Riddle it up! We all enjoy gifts (big or small), spice it up with a treasure hunt concept. It makes it all the more worth it.

For the riddles you can add instances that are intimate to just the two of you, things you both like, a funny moment, a special corner in the house, an article that probably sparks a fond memory, etc.

12. Master Chef challenge

For all you not-so-keen-cooks, cooking with your partner can be a great motivation and can turn into a fun at-home date with your partner.

Spice it up by adding a bit of challenge, for instance, pick one key ingredient that is supposed to be used in whatever meal you prepare for each other.

So what are you waiting for?! Put on your Chef and Sous-Chef hats and enjoy a delicious brunch date!

Cooking Together at home

Spending time and getting to know each other is very important for a good healthy relationship.

The present pandemic circumstance has forced us to remain indoors. Besides, some couples are finding themselves in a long-distance relationship due to travel bans. In either case, these stay-at-home date ideas will certainly make your both feel special and keep things fun.


Ankur and I are currently in a long-distance relationship, but we always find ways to make our date-nights exciting – even from thousands of miles away.

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